to recondition lower frame only AND REPLACE CORDS as per below will cost from $170.00 plus g.s.t. while to restore both upper and lower sash FRAMES will cost from $270.00 plus g.s.t. and both will last 20 years.

We love old homes and in particular heritage double hung timber sash windows. These traditional counterbalanced sash windows were originally made from seasoned Australian Cedar or Oregon with hardwood sills at a time when joiners could devote the required energy and skill to deliver a product of which they were proud. We respect this heritage so once we have restored your windows we will warranty our work for a decade, but they should not require any attention (apart from paint) for more than double that. This makes restoration a much more cost effective option than replacement as newer products are often made from inferior timbers and usually come with just a one or two year warranty.

Our full service includes - releasing stuck windows, lubricating all moving parts, replacing the cotton sash cords, adjusting the counterbalance weights to ensure ease of operation. We can also replace loose putty and install new Cedar beading and trim as required.


to supply and install two new whitco SPIRAL balances in timber frames from $175.00 and in aluminium frames from $195.00 plus g.s.t.

This system, sometimes called ‘assist lift balances’, was installed in timber and aluminum frames from the early 60’s up until the present day. The balances comprise a spiral metal winder that is under tension in a plastic outer tube and over time these deteriorate and loose pressure or collapse completely. There are two balances for each frame (one either side) and the correct balance must be installed depending on the size and weight of the sash frame and glass. We warrant these for the length of the manufacturer's warranty which is up to 7 years.


In addition we can repair damaged frames, replace cracked or broken glass and install new sash locks, sash lifts or child safety latches. We can even manufacture complete like for like replacement frames from Western Red Cedar where all aspects will be identical to the existing.